Summer Hours:
Open for guided tour only
Every Wednesday & Friday at 3pm

Regular $10  |  Student & below 18  $5

Rubell Family Collection /
Contemporary Arts Foundation
95 NW 29th Street
Miami, FL 33127
United States
T: +1 (305) 573-6090
F: +1 (305) 573-6023
E: info@RFC.museum

Free parking is available in front of the building or in the parking lot across the street.



Public transportation:

Getting there from South Beach:
(Traveling time: 20 minute bus trip, five minute walk.)

1. Bus A to Omni (Departs every 20 minutes.)
2. Buses 3, 16, 62, T or the Biscayne Max to 29th Street.
3. Short walk down 29th Street.

Wait for bus A on the corner of Lincoln Road and Washington Avenue. This is the terminus for bus A. The front of the bus will be marked A Omni. When entering the bus pay $ 2.00 and ask the driver for a bus-to-bus transfer. Take this bus all the way to the end (Omni Bus Terminus). When the bus stops alight and cross the road going under the Metro Mover tracks overhead. The bus number 62 will be waiting for you in bay 7. Give the driver your bus transfer slip. Take this bus or any of the following (whichever leaves first): buses 3, 16, or Biscayne Max – bay 10, or bus T – bay 6. The bus will go North up Biscayne Boulevard. When you see a tall white building, the Miami New Times, pull the yellow cord above you to ring the buzzer. The bus stops in front of Subway Sandwiches and Western Union, exactly on 29th Street. Cross Biscayne walking West on 29th Street away from
the ocean. Walk on the right hand side of 29th Street. You will cross one set of lights at Second Avenue at the service station. After that you will cross two railroad crossings. You will then pass a second set of traffic lights at North Miami Avenue. We are a half of a block down after that on the right.

Getting back to South Beach:
(Traveling time: five minute walk, 20 minute bus trip.)

4. Walk down 29th Street to Biscayne Boulevard.
5. Buses 3, 16, 36, 62, T, or the Biscayne Max to Omni.
6. Bus A to Lincoln.

When leaving the Collection retrace your steps down 29th Street. Take any bus going South down Biscayne Boulevard (buses 3, 16, 36, 62, T, or the Biscayne Max.) The bus stop is on the opposite side of when you arrived right in front of the Miami New Times building. Do not forget to buy a bus transfer along with your ticket. All return buses will automatically stop at Omni bus terminal. At Omni bus terminal take bus A exactly where you alighted from this bus on your outward journey. The bus will be marked A Lincoln. Go all the way to the end of the line. You will be dropped on the corner of Washington Avenue and Lincoln Road.