High Anxiety: New Acquisitions

November 30, 2016 — August 25, 2017


High Anxiety: New Acquisitions presents selections of artworks from 32 artists acquired since 2014, many of whom explore polarizing social and political concerns through a broad spectrum of contemporary artistic practices. In gauging the output and energies of these artists we find creative currents that speak to our shared state of uncertainty, nervousness and pessimism. "Artists help us comprehend and grapple with the critical issues in our lives," says Mera Rubell. ​


Artists in the exhibition:

Mathis Altmann

Harold Ancart
Kathryn Andrews
Frank Benson
Simon Denny
Aaron Fowler
Cy Gavin
Isa Genzken
Secundino Hernandez
Karl Holmqvist
Anne Imhof

Samuel Levi Jones
Josh Kline
Paul Kneale
Calvin Marcus
Jesse Mockrin
Katja Novitskova
Solange Pessoa
Magali Reus
Bunny Rogers
Jennifer Rubell
Max Hooper Schneider
Hito Steyerl
Torey Thornton
Ryan Trecartin & Lizzie Fitch
Stewart Uoo
Andra Ursuta
Brent Wadden
John Waters
John Williams
Michael Williams
Jordan Wolfson

HA R08 01Frank BensonAnne Imhof and Isa Genzken

HA R10 01Karl Holmqvist and Paul Kneale

HA R11 02Aaron Fowler

HA R12 01Calvin Marcus and Katja Novitskova

HA R13 02Bunny Rogers and John Williams

HA R14 01Harold Ancart

HA R15 01Cy Gavin

HA R16 01Jennifer Rubell 

HA R16 02Josh Kline

HA R18 01Solange Pessoa

HA R19 01Max Hooper Schneider

HA R20 01Jesse Mockrin

HA R21 01Samuel Levi Jones and Mathis Altmann

HA R22 01Kathryn Andrews 

HA R23 01Stewart Uoo 

HA R24 02Secundino Hernandez

HA R25 01Ryan Trecartin & Lizzy Fitch and John Waters 

HA R27 02
Torey Thornton and Brent Wadden